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About Us..........

Here at theARTSpath our instruction emphasizes the fundamental drawing skills needed to build a portfolio for many uses. Our classes cover a variety of techniques and mediums so that students discover their own strengths and areas of personal interest. 

Each student at theARTSpath is encouraged           to discover their own creativity

​  As an certified art instructor, it is my goal for all students to listen to their hearts and follow a path of their own design and creative interest.  It is my sincere desire that students will develop a confidence in their abilities to be creative, which is essential in today's world.     Education experts say there is a significant correlation between involvement in the arts and achievement in the classroom. I believe this to be true. It concerns me that sometimes a perceived inability to create much of what, anyone can imagine, comes from a lack of knowing how to go about it. This void of information is very limiting and is interpreted by most as an absence of talent, rather than a lack of instruction. It is this void that I seek to eliminate and replace with knowledge and opportunity of experince.
I believe that art enables us to have experiences we can have from no other source; and through it, we discover a range of perspectives, feelings, and relationships. Simply put, .....................Art helps us say what,often, cannot be said.

If you want to be inspired, learn,and have an ABSOLUTE BLAST you must take an art class with SHELLY!  I'm not artistic but Shelly had me feeling like Rembrandt by the time we were finished! 

Karen Beakley


  • Fine motor skills 

  • Attention to detail and focus

  • Process,(thinking through and within a material)

  • Visual (small differences can have large effects)

  • Visual-spatial organization skills

  • Expand image vocabulary (help to express what is difficult to verbalize)

  • Persistence and multiple perspectives

  • Patience, discipline and manners

  • Increased self esteem and confidence

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